• Strategic Planning:Start-Up, Sustainability Initiatives, Fundraising        
  • Academic Design and Delivery:Accreditation, Curriculum, Faculty Development, Assessment         
  • Facility and Operations:Facility Design, Financial Management, Procurement        
  • Customer Engagement and Marketing:Retention, Customer Satisfaction, Recruiting, Brand Development

assessment & retention

Increase quality delivery with systematic assessment & population management 

Financial & Procurement

increase effectiveness of business model, financial accountability & minimize waste

faculty development

Create custom faculty development plans that balance technical and teaching skills


CulinaryEd Consulting offers an operational and instructional "green assessment".

customer satisfaction

Conduct student satisfaction survey via crowdsourcing technology

Strategic planning

Increase program focus and performance accountability for instruction & operations

facility design 

We analyze your space needs as it relates to mission & coordinate the design process

start up

CulinaryEd Consulting can organize and drive program, facility & special iniatives

Menu of services

brand / Market research

Program and restaurant / foodservice brand development and competition (private/public) benchmark research.

curricular design

We evaluate your curriculum and course competencies and make relevant outcomes-based recommendations.

Accreditation prep

Resources and coaching that ensure a "culture of accreditation" - Success in preparing or responding to a site visit

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Please contact CulinaryEd Consulting direct to identify customized services and pricing that will best meet the needs of your institution. We invite you to review the diversity of services that we can provide to increase organizational performance in the following areas:

fundraising campaign

Support outreach research & strategy for gift cultivation with institution Foundation